Yo from Quito

Wooo first real blog post!! Don’t expect anything great here just gonna give you some little tid bits about what’s going on in my life. My group is super dope (obligated to say that because they’ll most likely end up reading this post lol) but they actually are super cool. There’s 12 girls and 4 boys and then 3 female leaders. We were chilling at this awesome eco hotel (pics on fb) in Mindo for the past 2 weeks. When we were there we went ziplining, went on a strenuous 40 minute hike to this waterfall that was just a fricken trickle, took a shower with some spiders the size of my face, killed some spiders the size of my face, then went to an actual waterfall and did some swimming in it, then went to a butterfly sanctuary (don’t really like flying things, birds and now butterflies included), got attacked by a hummingbird (again I hate flying things), swam in a river and nearly drowned, danced at a local dance hall got called up by the teacher and had to dance in front of 100 people, took malaria meds that made me have weird dreams and then I wet the bed in the middle of the night, girl in my cabin accidentally drank the river water when we nearly drowned and then she died for like a whole day, watched some Arrested Development, got fire ants in my pants, ate some good food, drank some good juices, ate a ton of magnum ice cream bars, and then ya know I did some other stuff too. Now we’re in Quito at this sweet hostel where I’ve been taking Spanish lessons, eating a crap ton of gelato, straddling the equator, running head on into metal poles in the middle of streets, and being all metropolitan and what not. I’m here until Monday which is when we go to live and work in a rural village for the next 5 weeks.Will be bathing in a river, living with a local family, planting trees and doing some other cool stuff too. I won’t have internet until late October so this is it for now! See ya then!


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